Counfreedise Retail Services: Automation Fueling E-commerce

Counfreedise Retail Services: Automation Fueling E-commerce

CIO VendorAbhinandan Jain, Co-Founder & CEO and Sidharth Jain, Co-Founder & MD
As all board the e-commerce bandwagon, businesses knit their brows trying to unearth the secrets of first-rate e-commerce fulfillment. Among several e-commerce activities, management of warehouse operations and logistics are the backbone of driving solid sales. For any retailer across the globe, to manage e-commerce efficiently, automation is the way to go. However, small-scale vendors lack a good understanding of software and online selling, or the means to automate their inventory upkeep.

Having an automated inventory system makes it much easier for a vendor to keep track of sales and strategize accordingly. This is exactly what India-based retail distributor Counfreedise Retail Services offers, as the one-stop shop for vendors to sell their goods online.

“Selling online is totally a new ball game for offline retailers, and that’s our forte,” states Abhinandan Jain, co-founder and CEO of Counfreedise. The e-commerce market reseller takes care of the entire A-Z of the fulfillment process, helping vendors save money from the production line, warehousing, to customer service.

Automatically listed on seven platforms in India and 12 globally, Counfreedise’s competitive and automated pricing done ahead of time ensures every product is aptly priced and relieves the seller of the pricing or listing operations.

For product promotion, Counfreedise has a smart keyword system where an in-house analytics team helps the brand in business development and advertising for better product visibility at the lowest cost. “With Counfreedise’s warehouse holding around 14,000 odd SKUs today, our warehousing team is trained to ensure an excellent customer experience while avoiding any loss in transit,” says Sidharth Jain, managing director and co-founder of Counfreedise.

Selling online is totally a new ball game for offline retailers, and that’s our forte

When a vendor signs up with the company, Counfreedise gives them a mobile ERP access that’s available on all platforms, where in case of some discrepancies they can raise a flag. Everything at Counfreedise is automated with over 17 in-house built software, from predictive analysis of stock procurement to automatic pricing and business development analytics. “E-commerce being a volume business, it is very easy to lose money with just a few miscalculations. Our solution helps a customer save as much money as possible,” mentions Abhinandan.

With a product’s identification code, Counfreedise’s Insta-Data software sifts through every portal to check whether the product is listed, and reports on details including the competitor's price, sales expectations, and reviews of the product. If a product sells, Insta-Data informs the seller of the transactions within their Amazon account in terms of payout, profitability, and return losses.

What further strengthens Counfreedise’s credibility are accounts of their success, wherein a worthwhile mention is a brand that had been a retailer distributor in India since the last 25 years. After two years of running an e-commerce business, the brand saw over a 20 percent loss compared to the ten percent profit they were expecting. Answering their plea for help, Counfreedise used Insta-Data to show the client’s return losses. Today, the vendor stocks over 500 products daily at Counfreedise’s warehouse where the company does the selling with accurate pricing software. Counfreedise does the heavy lifting for which the vendor gladly pays two percent commission while still making over ten percent margin.

By virtue of top-notch service leading to an overwhelming response from the market, Counfreedise currently deals with 515 brands having 28 categories of products. Now with more than 150,000 square feet of warehousing area, Counfreedise hopes to reach out to over 1000 vendors at the end of this fiscal year.

With plans to establish a physical presence in five different countries in the upcoming years, Counfreedise endeavors to onboard more international brand sellers in Indian e-commerce and vice versa.